Family Tree for Wharton and Milne

includes following surnames: 

Wharton (Worton), Grant, Foster, Thomas, Lyne, Gibbs, Green, Jones, Roberts, Mountford, Wheatley, Milne, Ostler, Jenner, Bennett,  Couldwell, Norfolk, Ochsenbein, Schreiterer, 

The current set of data for both sets of families can be looked at through the following link 

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This partial tree only gives individuals born before 1900 for more information please contact me

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Hopefully using the tree is self evident, there is a help button

Basically if you hold the cursor over a name and it displays the basic info for that person, click on a name and it makes it the focus which will also display that persons children, click on the focus to see any notes; if you get lost click on blue square, top left, which goes back start

Dynamic Family Tree

Much of the credit for the basic information in this tree for the Wharton/Gibbs/Green branches must go to my cousin Richard Wharton and for the Milne branch to to my wife's cousin Robin Milne

Note that I tend to put every thing into here and put qualifications about the links in the notes, so don't believe its all exactly true!

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